Hey, I'm                 
  your newest third wheel       

Seriously though, I am so stoked that you're here and considering having me tag along with you on your next great adventure! I absolutely LOVE what I do and love my clients, (although I prefer BFF, cuz that's basically what we are now!) even more! Whether it's hiking to a mountain top, strolling on the beach, frolicking through a field, or jumping fully clothed (or not) into a lake, I'm so down! I'll be there right alongside you, camera in tow to capture it ALL! There's something magical that happens when we get to explore new places, are our true authentic selves, and can share raw, real moments together. The art of telling your individual story in a way that preserves it literally for-ev-er (name that movie) is a passion that seriously fills my heart with so much joy! So let's do this thing already, yeah?